Saturday, February 21, 2009


What's an Awesome Day!
I got up early this morning... went to visit my good friend Lisa and her new baby Sophie (OMGosh, she is soooooo adorable, a sweet little princess!), we hanged out with her sister and another good friend of ours... she even cooked us yummy breakfast!
... I had a great workout at Karate!
Then... Round 2... hanging out with 3 more close friends of mine... snacking, chatting, hanging out, just having a great time.
... plus ending the day with VSN, I need to finish more challenge, but I am all tired out from a wonderful day! WOW! LIFE IS GOOD!
Here is a couple of cards from SCS VSN! more coming tomorrow!

And here is my cat Stewie (2 years ago) trying to get my lovebird Motley! LOL!

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