Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Lucky Bear!

"Life is GOOD" for this adorable bear! He has a comfy sofa, beautiful rug, and a styling lamp!!! I'm having a blast mixing and matching these cute stamps from Rosie's Roadshow. I absolutely love many of their sentiments, there are so fun to use, and many of them are hilarious! Smiley from millan.net And of course, this is one of my fav.... actually, it's not a bad idea!!!
Blog to you later, got to go have some ice-cream!


Dawn said...

I wanna be that bear! Great coloring job on this one!

Randi said...

CUTE!! I love that bear on the sofa chair!!!
Love the colors!!
Ugh! I had that orange in my shopping cart and then ended up taking it out....Next time... ;o)

Randi said...

Kerry, I have a question about Rosie's Roadshow stamps. I couldn't find it on the website. Are they woodmounted or cling? Are the residence stamps big? Like those cute little houses? Thanks!
[and thank YOU for the award below..you rock!]

Elena said...

What a fun card! This bear looks so happy and enjoys his life!

Anonymous said...

THe first thing I did was smile when I saw this huge old bear sitting in his chair. Thanks for the smile to start my day. Connie NH