Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some catching up...

Hello hello and how are you?!  I'm doing some major catching up...  work has been crazy crazy, I haven't have to much time to play.  And this past weekend, I finally did...  Not only I hang out with my crafty friends, spent all day laughing and crafting away.  I also went shopping at my LSS too....  Haha!!!  Yes, I was a lucky girl!  

So, for the catching up part, I signed up for Life Book 2013 in December, I have been wanting to explore more into mixed media...  I figured it would be perfect!  And here is what I did so far...  

Here is my 'fairy god-mother'.  

'Chica' with the cool blue hair!

How about major 'glitter' action?

Or this?  Super cool!

Super fun!  I'm loving every minute of it, hope you like these projects too, thanks so much for stopping by!


Catherine said...

Oh Kerry this is gorgeous ! You are such a talented and creative Lady ! Keep them coming I say ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Elena said...

Wow! This looks so cool! You are so artistic! I really loved it!