Sunday, November 9, 2008

I had BIG plans!

So, what a day!

I had to work all day!! Not a good day but let's don't talk about it... it's over, who cares...

And the mft december guest challenge is open until 10pm... so I wanted to make more cool cards. I kept thinking all day...

Which stamp sets to use?

Watercolor pencils, twinkling H2O, or ink pad?

xyz? abc?

Once, I sat at my craft table... I was just as clumsy as I could be. Spilling water, coloring out of lines, Perfect pearl everywhere, lids and caps falling everywhere, and I dropped a whole bottle of pink fun flock all over me and the carpet. I can't help to just start LOL... So, I only came up with one, and only one special card. Hope you like it!

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