Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A better day...

Today is a better day! Work was horrible yesterday, the computers kept on crushing... It's amazing how much we depends on modern technology. Plus, someone decided to share their cold with me (I don't know who, but just want to say thank you very much. LOL!) Anyways, no more complaining. At least, I have a day off, have some chicken soup and just taking care of the cold and resting. When I checked my mailbox today, how exciting... I recieved this beautiful card made by my friend Rose... Thank you, thank you. You are the best! I feel 280% better, hehe!

Since I feel LOVE, I made this card with my Dress Me Anya. I used my new Koh-i-Noor colored pencils. I love them too... I added some *bling* design on her top with my gel pens (copper). And I can't resist the hearts.
love, {hugs}

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