Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I love candies Smiley from Ahhh... great memories!! Running wild in a candy store (especially the ones that you can pick ALL different kind of candies and weigh them by the pounds. My favorite was the gummies... sour gummy bears/worms/sharks, watermelon/ peach rings, etc...
hmmmmmm... HAPPINESS! Plus, the GIANT lollipops always caught my eye. Honestly, I don't remember whether did I even brought one or not. Anyways, I have a LOLLIPOP stamp now. HAHA!!!
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Elena said...

I love candies and your card too! So sweet! Love the lolilop you added and embossed border!

Tammy said...

That lollypop is PERFECT for this cute little Hope and Grace stamp.
Well done girl!