Saturday, September 19, 2009

Amuse Lounge PJ Party!

Oh what fun!!!! It's such an awesome party... four awesome challenges!!

Challenge #1 - To create a card based on my favorite Halloween candy. As for me.... got to be Reese peanut butter cup, and since I love chinese food, so I used love take-out box. Yumm!

Challenge #2 - To creat a card inspired by fall colors. Since I already did a card with orange and brown, so I decided to use olive and orange.

Challenge #3 - To creat a card based on my favorite TV show. My favorite channel is Food network, but I love Family Guy, here is a "good" version of Stewie. LOL!

Challenge #4 - To create a thank you card, since I'm a New Englander, we love to say the word "WICKED", so WICKED thank you!!!

That's time for now.... Thanks for a wicked fun time!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What excellen cards! They are WICKED cool. Thanks for showing me the ropes tonight. Have fun tomorrow. Connie NH

Rhonda said...

You rocked the challenges tonight!!! I'm so glad you got to play with us!!! Love the reverse scallops on the second card and tha Wicked Thanks card is too fun!!! They're all fabulous!!

Elena said...

What a fun cards! Love all of them!

Jen said...

super cute Kerry! Thanks for playing along!

Laura said...

Love all your cards you made for the challenge, especially the WICKED card! I was out last night but my daughter Alison participated in the challenge. She pooped out by the fourth challenge. She couldn't figure out how to talk to people until after the challenge (haha).

Geeta said...

Great cards! Glad you played along!