Sunday, February 28, 2010

A sweet surprise and VSN

Hope you are having a great weekend. My hubby surprised me with the bunny "Hello Kitty"... Aww..... I LOVE IT!!! Smiley from Okay, I'm sooooo ready for spring. And easter too... can't wait to eat easter candies, especially the Cadbury mini eggs. YUMMMMM!

And here are two cards that I made for the Amuse VSN: Winter Olympics. My brain was fried and lack of mojo. Sorry.

Card 1 - "Triple Inspiration", to create a card for the person in your life that inspires you!

Of course, it's my totally awesome MOM, she is the BOMB! She likes all things simple, nothing fancy at all. And when I was little, she always bring me to the park. Good times, good times!!!
So, I chose the Swing girl stamp, I kept everything simple, and I didn't even use my Copics.
Love-ya MOM!

Card 2 - "Bundle Up" - to create a card which fold over each other, and has to be wrapped at least twice.

Thanks for stopping by... Please come back tomorrow... I have a BIG secret to tell you, hehe!!!

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Catherine said...

Hello Sweetie ! You are SO lucky and I am SO jealous ! Your Bunny Hello Kitty is so so so so cute !!! Love your two cards too, your Mum seems to be a wonderful person and I am sure she will be delighted with her card ! Hugs and smiles from Catherine