Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hmmmmm.... chipboard!

It's time for the InStyle Wednesday Challenge, today theme is Chipboard!

What a fun challenge, I love to buy chipboards... but never use them. So, this is the perfect occasion!

I used this dress form from the Maya Road, and I inked it with Tim Holtz ink pad in brushed corduroy. This image is called Shanda. Isn't she too cute? I colored her with Copic markers (E000, E00, E04, E33, E40, E55, E57, E70), the dp is from Cosmo Cricket Mini Deck Material Girl, and I also distressed the edges. I colored her shoes with Copic Spica pen in garnet. Hope you like it.

Join us and play along this week, you have until Tuesday, March 30th. HERE is the link!


Tina said...

love it -

hey there - we just got our first challenge for the TGF teams - and was looking for some feeback on how to approach the first challenge...a couple of us thought maybe since the theme was vintage- retro that the cheeky stamps would work but we don't have them - looking for any ideas...

can you get back to me soon
love your cards..
mommy scraps alot

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