Monday, September 6, 2010

Treats, anyone???

Good day, good day!!! It's Labor Day in the US today, and I'm lucky to have today off, woohoo!!! Hubby and I just chilling at home, I have been sitting at my craft space... doing absolutely nothing, haha! And my mind have been wondering for munchies all day. So, I got some cookies and my favorite kettlecorn.Smiley from Finally, I got an idea (plus, it will probably make me stop eating a bit, hehe!)... Elizabeth, the owner of Softpencil gave me these super cute Halloween circle cliparts to play with... thankfully, I still have enough to put some yummy cookie and kettlecorn in these bags. Yes... I'm eating the goodies from those bags right now. Smiley from


Elena said...

What a fun post and yummy projects! I would of eating these goodies too! Love, love these tags! The sparkly papers look fabulous here!
Glad you have a day off today! :) :) :)

Catherine said...

You always make me laugh Sweetie ! These little goodie bags are super cute ! I have a sweet tooth too and I could not have resisted them either ! Lots of hugs and love from Catherine