Monday, March 21, 2016

Sunset ride with the girlfriends...

Hello hello and happy Monday!
It's always nice to take a walk at sunset with our love ones. But these Girlfriends totally kicked it up a notch... Got to love the Pedal Pushers set (SKU#4238).  One bicycle, four besties... 
how cool is that?!

For the Girlfriends, I colored them with some watercolor oil pastels. 

And on the sunset background, I used some Gelatos.  I roughly apply the gelatos on the watercolor paper (here is the order of the color, from top to bottom:  raspberry, red cherry, mango, lemon, and licorice) and then blend the colors separately with a baby wipe.   (P.S.  I did do a little bit of bending in between colors).

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