Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Need a pen?! I know... Just want to share my pretty pens with tiny glass marble. I know many crafters use the Pentel R.S.V.P. pens, but I only have a box of cheap Bic pen at the house... LOL! Surprise, a good old BIC pen with the pretty made over.... Bic Pens are cool once again! :-)

I just received my new stamps from Pink Poison today... ~jumping up and down~
I got the new Ian, he is so cute... Anya is so lucky that she has such a handsome bf! Hehe... I can't wait to use Ian! But I have to use this panda friends set, 'cause I LOVE PANDA! :-D Wow, can't believe it is already Day 9 of the challenge... only 3 more cards to go! And of course, I will save the BEST for last! I am not telling, it's a surprise! You just have to wait...
Today's card is simple... Hope you like it!

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