Saturday, May 1, 2010

Super fun and talk to you tomorrow!!!

What a super fun weekend!!! Let me tell you... It's like Christmas, my friend Rose came to town. We started the weekend on Thursday. We went shopping at 2 LSS, on Friday... We went to the CK Convention at Manchester, NH. And today, I was scrapping a bunch of my crafty friends. And tomorrow... more crafting with the Softpencil girls.

Here are some pictures that I took at the CK convention:

My crafty friends Rose and Cris,

and we bumped into Cara and Jane.

Connie and I...
(P.S. She is going to kill me for taking all these pictures... LOL!)

And here is the card I made for our get together, we had a shoebox swap! After the swap, we went back to the CK Convention, I have more pictures... but I have to transfer from my phone. So, will show you later.

And don't forget!!!
Softpencil LIVE CHAT over at PCP,
see you at 2pm EST!! Smiley from

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Catherine said...

Thank you for the photos Sweetie ! I love your smile ! Your card is one of the sweetest ever ! Love it to bits ! Hugs and smiles from Catherine