Monday, April 6, 2009

Amuse New England Get Together Part 2

As promised!
Check out all my precious Amuse ATCs made by the talenated Amuse Addicts...
Top row (from left to right): Amy(the little one), Sarah (criminalgrace), Tracy (Tracy)
Bottom row (from left to right): Pat (PKBB), Jenn S. (jennshurkus)

From left to right: Pam (Pamela), Arlene (arkat), Karen (Sterling Scrapper), me
And here is a picture of me, taking a picture of myself again....
(I do this a lot!) What's a weirdo! Smiley from millan.netWe have to do homework. Miss Jenn S. said that we all have to email Linda (the owner of Amuse) for a WICKED stamp. (see below for more explanation )... Yes, Miss Jenn!
ok, here is the explanation.... in New England we tends to use the word WICKED a lot, ex. this is WICKED fun, Amuse has WICKED awesome stamps, you are WICKED cool.... I think you get the idea! To be honest, I will be WICKED cool to have that stamp, I can't wait!
Smiley from
Want to see more Amuse NE Get Together pictures, please go to Jenn's blog at

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anne barclay said...

Great photos of our Amuse gathering on Sunday. It was nice meeting you and I enjoyed our lunch together. Hope we meet again.
Anne (annebarc)