Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I love my NOODLES!

Good day! I finally have a chance to ink up my favorite food.... NOODLES!!! I love it so much that I lived on them during college, and our my friend called me the noodles queen who lived in the noodles house. My cabinet was always packed with noodles in it (I still do!). I added vegetables, wontons, eggs, hot dogs, anything would do. I know I'm weird. LOL! And when I found Two Scoops Rice Designs, and I saw these bowls of noodles, I have to have it. Come on, it's NOODLES!

Check out Two Scoops Rice Designs at, they have lots of cute stamps. Since I love food, so I love the foodies. I want the veggie set, filipino food set, sushi handroll set, kakimochi & popcorn set and the donut set. I should just say I want them all. LOL!

I think it's NOODLE TIME... have a wonderful day! Smiley from


Tammy said...

Hi Kerry I'm so loving this! I've got some of these stamps too and I've yet to get them inked. I loved what you did. I never even through about using paper for the bowl. Great Job! find a place open to buy noodles at this hour. :-)

TracE said...

I too love noodles (pho rocks). Is there anyplace around here to get good noodle soup?