Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cloudy Sunday!

Greeting from a cloudy Sunday! The weather has been cloudy/rainy for over a week now (actually it might be longer, but I lost track!) Anyways, I have the perfect excuse to sit and stamp away!
Blog to you later, as for me... Smiley from STAMP away!


Softpencil said...

Cute card! thank you for following my blog!
I live in Argentina and here it´s cloudy and rainy today, too... and cold! ;)

cheiron said...

Cute card Kerry. Love the flower accent!

Elena said...

Oh, no... I hope the weather will be shiny and sunny very soon!
Your card is so precious! I really really love how you colored Annika! Love the sparkles you added too!

Randi said...

SO cute!!! Love all the DP layers!