Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shoebox swap at the Tree!

Ohhh... what a FUN night at the Paper Tree, Manchesteer, NH. We had our monthly shoebox swap tonight. The theme was Stamping Bella. We hanged out, made cards, chat, laugh until we all dropped. We had such a fun group....

Love ya all ladies!!! Smiley from I want to show you all the fun cards that I made.
Connie's... what a beautiful card, so colorful! The stories of you and your poncho is too cute. I'm sure you looked very styling with that. Thanks for teaching us the ribbon trick. Plus, I love that paper!
Tracy's... Absolutely love the color! Never thought of using shimmerz after coloring the image. So clever, hands down!!! I'm loving it! Too bad, I forgot the bling for her eyes.

Tasha's.... the most PRICELESS pair of sneakers in the world! I LOVE the color combination. Even Stacy and Clinton (from What not to wear) will be proud of them.

Carol's... beautifully done. Great idea on using stardust pens for her hair! It's perfect! Pardon, my inky corner.
Sandy's.... another well done card, beautiful layers, and color combination. Great pick on the papers! Love them.
And finally, this is mine! I am still into GREEN, why? I don't know...

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