Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So excited...

Big thank you to Elizabeth, she is such a sweetheart!!! She sent me this award.

So, I have to list five things I like to do and then I have to pass this award on to five people... (oh man, why can't I pass it on to all my friends from blog land)
  • when I'm not crafting... I love to play Wii (my favorite game is Rayman, it's hilarious!!! Ok, a few runner-ups: Rockband, Guitar Hero, Mario Kart, and DDR)
  • I love traveling... especially trying out different cuisine
  • I love watching Food network (it's a channel everything about food)... and I can probably watch it 24-7
  • when I'm crafting... I always twirl in my chair... and yes, I do get dizziness, LOL!
  • Always trying to figure out, how am I going to find a $$$ tree or win the lottery... if it does happens, I'm going to have a plaza with a Spa, coffee/bistro, craft store (of course!), gym with a day care, and it'll have a computer store or home improvement store for the husbands near by...

So, I'll pass it on to Cat, Erin, Michelle, Tammy, and Tracey.


Randi said...

Kerry you crack me up!! If you build that plaza...I will be there!! I always wanted my own all inclusive shopping mall, too! ;o)
I am an xbox girl. My husband and I are playing Sacred 2 at the moment. I LOVE Mario Kart! I love Mario Party, too. You need that one!

Cat said...

Kerry, I loved reading your answers!
I like Wii bowling. It's the only game I can beat my son at! LOL! Count me in when your plaza opens! I'll be there!

Elena said...

Congratulations on the award, Kerry! Loved reading your answers!