Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reporting from Softpencil Studio...

Hello and happy Tuesday to you. It's Softpencil time! No crafty projects this week, but... I have the honor to introduce the NEW Sky Collection. Woohoo... Check them out! They are so so adorable.

Starry Night

Rainy Cloud
Hanging on a Star
Well, I told you so, hehe! Want them? Hop over to the Softpencil!

Plus, May is Softpencil Anniversary Month, we will be celebrating our 3 years anniversary all month long including a challenge with a chance to win $10 voucher to the Softpencil shop! For more details... click HERE!

Last, but not least... *drum roll please*
Softpencil rubber stamps!!!!! Yes, that's right! For all you rubber stamp fan out there... The Angel Company will be launching a line of rubber stamps featuring the Tinytwinies from Softpencil. So, stay tune! I can't wait...

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