Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pop-up 101!

Happy Saturday! Hope you are having a great weekend. Here is my Softpencil pop-card which I made a few months ago. And I had promised a few wonderful ladies that I'll create a template/tutorial for a pop-up card. So here it's.

What you need:
xacto knife
bone folder

My card measures 4"x4", so you will need to cut a piece of card stock 4"x8".

First, measure half way up from the bottom (which is 4") and draw a line horizonally .
Then measure 1/2" from each side.
From the middle "center" line, measure 1" above, 1" below, and 1" below again. (please see below picture), then you can create this box.

Using your xacto knife, cut the two vertical lines (in pencil) only.
Then score only the COLORED horizontal lines (in blue and little 1/2" red lines, NOT the pencil one).
See below picture, your card it POP! Use the back side for your creations.

Now, it's completely up to you. Add your favorite images, design papers, and have a blast.
I hope this mini-tutorial make sense, if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.
Happy Stamping! Smiley from


de said...

Very kewl Kerry! Thanks for putting this together! You should post it to the community too! Super cute card too!

Randi said...

All I can say is YOU ROCK!! Awesome tut! Thanks Kerry!