Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks Catherine!

What an awesome week! My dear friend Catherine sent me this wonderful award. Thanks soooo much, you are the BEST! And as part of this award, I have to list ten things that I'm thankful for and that make me happy.

1. My hubby... My hubby who loves me, and makes me happy everyday.

2. My mom who is the BEST mom!

3. All my friends... I have the BEST friends ever!

4. Of course, all of you... all of wonderful and talenated crafty blogland ladies, all of you are totally amazing, you all give me sooo much inspirations everyday.

5. The computer!!! What would I do without it? A link to all my blogland friends, facebook, email, etc...

6. A good job... okay, I do complain about my job from time to time. But if I don't complain, it won't be a job, right? But at least I have one and it support me to buy my crafty supplies.

7. I love FOOD!!! Yummy food always make me happy. :) My favorite food is noodles.

8. Traveling! My favorite Carribean island is Aruba, my hubby and I got married there, on a beautiful beach on April's Fool Day!

9. Oh my craft space... How can I forget to mention this? My happy place!

10. .... so thankful about this blog, here is where I met all the wonderful ladies, learned so much, and much more....

Now, it's time to pass this award to more of my dearest friends...
I cannot narrow down to just 10 of my amazing friends from blogland, so I would like to give this award to all of you!


ileana said...

Hi Kerry, thanks so much for leving such a nice comment on my blog! What nice cards you make! I´m following your blog now :-) Have a great day!

Elena said...

Congratulations on your award, Kerry!