Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A birthday card...

... what a busy week! I have to make wedding invitations for one of my good friend's future sister-in-law. I have to make 70 of them. I know, I'm kinda of complaining... I love making cards but not the same ones over and over...

So, I have to take a break! I made this card for my dear friend Connie's dad, he will be turning the BIG 80! And Connie is trying to collect 80 RAKS... if you are interested in sending Connie's dad a card, please click HERE for more details!

Back to the card, I know it's really girly... but why not send him a very sexy angel! Hehe! Plus, Connie said that her dad loves John Deer colors and lots of blings. So, I colored her in green and use a yellow card, then I added lots of glitter.


Angela said...

Very pretty!! What man wouldn't love a sexy card!!

CCC said...

Kerry-You are so totally awesome. First what a perfect card for Dad...a sexy girl in JD colors with bling...He will LOVE it. Thanks so much for sharing my 80 card request. He will be so happy.



Elena said...

Oh, this card is so pretty!
Hope you will be finishing all of the invitations soon!